Oxford Neurodevelopment Consortium January Meeting

12:00 Welcome, Prof Andrea Nemeth, NDCN and help yourself to lunch!
12:10 Ken Bedding and Gaelle Jolly, University of Oxford Research Services:
“Collaborative research funding opportunities”
12:40 Paula Rocktäschel, Cader lab, NDCN: “Glio-neuronal imbalance in an in vitro
model of tuberous sclerosis complex”
1:00 Dr John Jacob, Consultant Neurologist and Honorary Senior Research Fellow,
NDCN: “Cholesterol smoothens hedgehog signalling in neurodevelopment”
1:20 Dr Charalampos Sigalas, Sitsapesan lab, Pharmacology: ‘Electrophysiological
characterisation of human embryonic stem cell-derived neurons with mutations
linked to ataxia’
1:40 Prof Francis Szele lab, DPAG: “Research Interests of the Szele Lab”
2:00 Maggie Wong, Becker lab, DPAG: “Understanding cerebellar ataxia using
human induced pluripotent stem cell (iPSC)-derived cerebellar neurons”
2:20 Prof Maarten De Vos, Institute of Biomedical Engineering: “Automated
neonatal EEG analysis to support decision making”
2:40 Round Table discussion: “Fostering collaborations and joint grant applications”:
Senior PIs including
Prof Francis Szele (Associate Prof DPAG)
Prof Zoltan Molnar (Professor DPAG)
Dr Sara Wells (Director, Mary Lyon Centre, MRC Harwell)
3:00 Close