"Cultural Heritage: Ethics, Politics and Value" Workshop
Lunch and refreshments will be provided. Detailed information about the schedule will be provided in due course. Registration Deadline: Wednesday April 10 at 10am.
April 17-18, 2024, All Souls College, Old Library

Cultural heritage has a myriad of interesting and important philosophical dimensions. Its questions pick up on themes about value and the conservation of value; collective memory and our relation to the past; global justice and nationalism; aesthetics and the weight of aesthetic considerations in relation to other ethical questions. As many societies are confronting their histories of war, empire and colonialism, heritage is also emerging as a particularly challenging dimension of social justice.

Professor Cécile Fabre and Professor Christine Sypnowich are organising a workshop on some dimensions of the ethics and politics of cultural heritage, around the following topics:
a. Heritage and human flourishing
b. Heritage and justice
c. Heritage and commemoration
d. Heritage and the legacy of colonialism
e. Heritage and war
Date: 17 April 2024, 9:00 (Wednesday, 0th week, Trinity 2024)
Venue: All Souls College, High Street OX1 4AL
Venue Details: Old Library
Speakers: CM Lim (Department of Philosophy, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore), Zosia Stemplowska (Department of Politics and IR, University of Oxford), Johannes Schulz (Department of Political Science, University of Lucerne)), Erich H. Matthes (Department of Philosophy, Wellesley College), Helen Frowe (Centre for the Ethics of War and Peace, University of Stockholm), Winston Thompson (Department of Philosophy, Ohio State University), Christine Sypnowich (Department of Philosophy, Queen’s University and the Toppling Monuments Project), Amrita Roy (Department of Family Medicine, Queen’s University and Toppling Monuments Project), Simukai Chigudu (Department of International Development, University of Oxford), Richard Ovenden (Bodley’s Librarian and Head of Gardens, Libraries and Museums, University of Oxford), Shuk Ying Chan (Department of Political Science, University College London), Heather George (Department of History, University of Waterloo/Woodland Cultural Center)
Organising department: All Souls College
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