Towards the ASEAN Economic Community: A Conversation with ASEAN Ambassadors to the United Kingdom

The ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) was formally established at the end of 2015 but progress on more robust regional economic integration has been slow. Levels of integration within the region vary widely and significant development gaps still hinder the growth of some members. While ASEAN’s leadership continues to promote integration on a variety of platforms, domestic politics and regional conflicts (such as the South China Sea dispute and the persistent refugee crisis) also threaten to undermine further strengthening of the organisation. In this roundtable discussion, Ambassadors to the UK from several ASEAN countries will discuss the challenges faced in realising the ASEAN Economic Community, and regional integration more generally. They will discuss the interests and concerns of their own countries as well as the benefits of integration and the future trajectory of the regional body.
Chair: Matthew J. Walton (St Antony’s)
Oragnised with the Oxford Philippines Society and Oxford Indonesia Society.