Deadlines: Weds 17th June 2015 to attend COP21 Paris. Mon 15th June for Side Events and Exhibits

Status: This talk is in preparation - details may change

You are invited to apply for accreditation to attend the United Nations Climate Conference of Parties (COP number 21), in Paris. If you are interested to attend, or wish to organize a Side Event or Exhibit please complete this form:
Request to attend COP21 via ECI :

The deadline for returning forms is 5pm Wednesday 17th June 2015

Further conference information can be found here: UNFCCC meeting information:

There are other meetings of the UNFCCC listed, you are equally welcome to apply to attend those, UNFCCC Calendar for 2015

Please use this link for more general information: PARIS 2015 – COP21:

Side Events and Exhibits within the Conference Centre (Blue Zone)
At each meeting we are able to register an interest in holding a Side Event and/or Exhibit to present our science/research into climate matters.
These events are substantially oversubscribed. The UNFCCC reviews all proposals and draws up an initial short list. Thereafter only those Side Events able to merge have any likelihood of success.
The deadline for submission of Side Event/Exhibit proposals to the ECI is 5pm Monday 15th June 2015. If you wish to propose a Side Event or Exhibit please email for further information.

Those presenting and attending these presentations must gain accreditation from the UNFCCC Secretariat (see above).

Side Events and Exhibits in the Civil Society Area
As with every COP event there are Side Events and Exhibits held outside the Conference Centre itself. This year they will be held in the Civil-Society area which has been designed to allow international exchanges and debates, and is close to the Conference Centre. Applications for these events are made through the French Government. We will update you as soon as the details are posted on their website. Civil Society debates and exchanges information webpage
Attending or presenting in this area does not require accreditation by the UNFCCC Secretariat.

Please ensure that you are able to obtain sufficient funds to cover the cost of your trip to Paris2015 before applying for accreditation, or to hold a Side Event or Exhibit. Thank you.

Please note that applicants attending COP21 with an official badge to access the Conference Centre (Blue Zone) will report back at a COP debrief seminar organised by ECI’s Convenor Of International Climate Policy Research, Dr Benito Müller.”)