Richard Doll Seminar - Lung Cancer CT screening, the UKLS and European experience - time to implement?

John Field has a Personal Clinical Chair in Molecular Oncology at the University of Liverpool and is Director of Research of the Roy Castle Lung Cancer Research Programme. He is the Chief Investigator for the UK Lung Cancer Screening Trial (UKLS). He is a previous recipient of the IASLC Joseph Cullen Award at the World Conference on Lung Cancer in recognition of lifetime scientific achievements in lung cancer prevention research.

He is the principle investigator of the Liverpool Lung Project, a molecular- epidemiological study into the early detection of lung cancer, which has now recruited 13,000 participants. The UKLS Trial and the Liverpool Lung Project form part of the National Cancer Research Institute Lung Cancer portfolio. He has contributed to the lung cancer genetic susceptibility ‘Lung Oncoarray’ project and is heavily involved in the identification of molecular markers in lung and head & neck cancers.

In this seminar, Professor Field will discuss UKLS, the first lung cancer screening trial to take place in the UK.