Genome Engineering Forum

Given the many new technologies that have emerged recently, we aim to create a forum that balances not only gene editing successes and interesting innovations, but also failures and challenges which are undoubtedly being experienced by many. This will provide an opportunity for discussion around methods of optimisation and helpful tips to facilitate productive collaboration within the University.

There will be three sessions covering basic Science and methods (eg. model development, genome-wide screens, donor template design), clinically focused projects (eg. diagnostics, therapies) and emerging CRISPR technologies (eg. prime editing, base editing, RNA editing).

We have a fantastic preliminary list of speakers and are calling on anyone, no matter the level and stage of project (students welcome!), to volunteer themselves for a short 10 minute talk with 5 minutes for questions and discussion at the end. Please get in touch with Lewis Fry at if you are interested or if you would like to find out more. If you are interested but feel your work doesn’t fit within the topics described, please still get in touch as we are open to considering other areas not mentioned too.