Novel microscopy approaches for label-free sub-diffraction imaging

Seminar time has changed from 1.30pm to 1pm

Dr. Kseniya Korobchevskaya has obtained her PhD in the ultrafast spectroscopy laboratory at the Italian Institute of Technology (IIT). Her PhD work was focused on the design and assembly of pump-probe spectroscopy setups with different configurations for mono-, two- or multicolour measurements. After graduation, Kseniya continued her work as postdoctoral researcher at IIT in the Nanoscopy group where she worked on the development of label-free near IR pump-probe nanoscope. Besides, she was also closely involved in other projects related to nonlinear microscopy, such as subtraction microscopy approach for second-harmonic generation imaging of collagen fibers or two-photon spectrofluorimetric characterization of new set of red-emitting proteins. Her main research interests lie in super-resolution microscopy, nonlinear optics, and ultrafast laser spectroscopy.