Reporting your statistical analyses: UK EQUATOR Centre Lightning Workshop

Join this free one-hour practical, interactive workshop from the UK EQUATOR Centre. In our Lightning Workshops series, our methodology, writing, and communication experts cover all of the essential aspects of writing and publishing your academic research. These sessions are designed for early-career biomedical and clinical researchers.

This workshop includes practical tips and tricks for making sure your paper makes a stats reviewer’s heart sing, and not sink!

Jie Ma – My research interests are focused on methodological aspects of developing and validating multivariable prediction models. I use applied statistics, systematic review and simulation techniques to investigate how prediction models are usually developed and validated, and how we can improve this methodology for more useful, accurate models. I am also interested in how well prediction model studies are reported in the scientific literature, investigating how well prediction model studies by using tools such as TRIPOD, to give us a baseline assessment of the quality of reporting in this area.

This free workshop series is open to all staff and students of the University of Oxford, Oxford Brookes, Oxford University Hospitals NHS Trust and Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust, but we do ask you to book a spot. To hear about other EQUATOR courses in Oxford, please join our mailing list by sending a blank email to