What’s in a Substance? Making Identity and Purity in Modern Chemistry
Catherine Jackson (Oxford) – Solving the Synthesis Paradox: Making Purity and Identity

Marabel Riesmeier (Cambridge) – Individuating Chemicals: Substantial Shifts in the 20th Century
Date: 14 June 2023, 15:00 (Wednesday, 8th week, Trinity 2023)
Venue: Maison Française d’Oxford, 2-10 Norham Rd, Oxford OX2 6SE
Speakers: Catherine Jackson (Oxford), Marabel Riesmeier (Cambridge), Chair: John Christie (Oxford)
Organising department: Maison Française d'Oxford
Part of: Oxford Seminar in the History of Alchemy and Chemistry
Booking required?: Not required
Audience: Members of the University only
Editor: Belinda Clark