Congenital Heart Defects Genetics – The Hadassah experience 2013-2020

If you would like to meet with Dr Ta-Shma in the afternoon, please email, Donna ( A sandwich lunch will be offered, so please specify any dietary requirements when booking.

News of a significant deformation-causing gene called ADAMTS19, discovered by Dr Ta-Shma with colleagues from Centre Hospitalier Universitaire Sainte-Justine Research Centre in Montreal, was published recently in Nature Genetics. Working with Hadassah’s head of the Dept of Genetics and Metabolic Disease, Prof Orly Elpeleg, Dr Ta-Shma has previously discovered seven genes related to fetal hearts becoming misshapen and diseased. For one of these genes, TMEM260, Dr Ta-Shma recently collaborated with the Taylor Group & the 100K Genomes Project to help better define the phenotypic range of this rare condition.