Our Mental Wellness: Overcoming Social Anxiety (via zoom)

Anxiety in social situations is common. While for some people it is transient, for others it can be a remarkably consistent problem that holds them back in life. This webinar covers what we know about the processes that maintain social anxiety and shows how they can be targeted in treatment.

David M Clark will provide the main presentation, followed by a Q&A session chaired by Cathy Creswell.

About the Series:
We have come to realise the importance of mental health issues and the impact they can have on individuals as well as on society at large. But, can you separate the facts from the myths? Do you know how to promote your own mental wellness and help those around you?

At Oxford, we have some of the world’s leading researchers helping us understand the causes of mental conditions and develop effective evidence-based treatments. We are bringing them together in a new series – Our Mental Wellness – to share their knowledge and answer your questions about how we can look after each others’ mental wellness in our community.

Our Mental Wellness talks will take place twice per term.