Engaging stakeholders in the development of a System of Health Research Assessment (SARIS) in Catalonia

Abstract: Abstract: In 2016, the first Strategic Plan on Health Research (PERIS) was approved by the Catalan Parliament and subsequently allocated funding from the Department of Health until 2020. The System of Health Research Assessment (SARIS) is one of the key instruments of the Strategic Plan. SARIS has been developed together with the stakeholders as a system for the promotion and enhancement of the social contract between PERIS beneficiaries and the Department of Health. SARIS is a ‘responsible assessment system’ in a way that it shares responsibility for the production of knowledge with relevant stakeholders. Stakeholders were engaged in the development of the assessment indicators, promotion of impactful actions, and the analysis of ongoing funding streams. This presentation will cover examples of how impact assessment contributes to impactful health research. Some examples relate to the promotion (and assessment) of patient engagement in PERIS, the engagement of PERIS beneficiaries in the design of the impact indicators, the engagement of ex-ante panel reviewers in the development of research calls, and the analysis and promotion of gender balance.

Biography: Head of Research at the Agency of Health Quality and Assessment of Catalonia. Co-founder of the International School on Research Impact Assessment (www.theinternationalschoolonria.com) and former economist at the OECD. Completed a PhD in Economics at the European University Institute, Florence, Italy.