The Oxford Science of Startups Initiative Launch Event

The Big Launch event of the Oxford Science of Startups Initiative brings together academics, founders, investors and various stakeholders from the Oxford and London innovation ecosystem on 28 May, 4 pm at Rhodes House in Oxford.

The event will begin with a keynote speech titled “Startup Synergy: How Founders’ Unique Perspectives and Insights Drive Success 🚀” from Professor Paul X. McCarthy. In this talk we explore the results of a groundbreaking research study that examined how founder personalities contribute to startup success. Analyzing data from over 21,000 startups globally, the researchers shed light on key personality traits and the combinations of unique perspectives that propel high-performing teams. Attendees will leave with a deeper understanding of the role of founder personalities in startup success, equipping them with valuable lessons on assembling balanced teams that can thrive amid uncertainty and navigate toward sustainable growth.

Next, we will have a short presentation by Dr Fabian Braesemann, who will present the Oxford Science of Startups Initiative:

The team, first milestones and planned research
Partnership agreements with globally leading startup repositories Crunchbase and Harmonic AI
A sneak preview of the “What is your founder personality?” Quiz, which will allow everyone to understand their own founder personality
Finally, we will have a panel discussion on the role of personality in entrepreneurship with special guests from the entrepreneurship sector.

Following this event there will be a drinks reception in the Conference Suite Foyer.