Day 1 - SHAC Spring Meeting 2024: 'From Antique to Early Modern Alchemy: New Approaches, New Horizons'

Programme: DAY 1 (09:30-18:45)

Panel 1: Fire and Heat in an Alchemical Context (Chair: Rob Iliffe)

  • Thijs Hagendijk & Hannah Elmer: Spaces for Fire. Early Modern European Furnaces and the Regimen Ignis
  • Peter Oakley: ‘How to Regulate the Fire’: Early Modern Cupellation and Furnace Management
  • Gary Patterson: Boerhaave and Ponderous Heat

Panel 2: The Evolution of Early Modern Metaphors of Alchemical and Encyclopaedic Knowledge (Chair: TBA)

  • Petr Pavlas: From Metaphors of Theosophical Alchemy to the New Book of Books. The Framework and an Illustration of Evolutionary Metaphorology
  • Vojtěch Kaše: Computational Explorations of Early Modern Metaphors of Knowledge: Diachronic Word Embeddings and Cultural Evolution in Scientific Texts
  • Jo Hedesan: Metaphors of Knowledge in the Printed Corpus of Latin Alchemy

Panel 3: Ancient Alchemy (Chair: Mark Edwards)

  • Sean Coughlin & Victor Golubev: Perfumery and Alchemy in Greco-Roman Egypt
  • Eduardo Escobar & Giacomo Montanari: Contemporary Tools for Bronze Age Perfumery: Reconstructing the Role of Water in Ancient Assyrian Perfume Recipes
  • Joshua Werrett: ‘An Investigation Governed by the Moon’: Astrology and Alchemy in Late Antique Egypt

Panel 4: Medieval Alchemy (Chair: TBA)

  • Athanasios Rinotas: Aristotelianism and Medieval Alchemy in the 13th Century: A Janus-faced Relationship
  • Carmen Schmechel: On Ferment in Hortulanus’ Commentary on the Emerald Tablet
  • Stefania Buosi Moncunill: The Infiltration of the Catalan Carmelite Guillem Sedasser’s Alchemy in Italian Glass Making

Keynote lecture: Jennifer M Rampling (Princeton)

Refreshments will be provided at various points on both days, lunch will be provided on day 1.