Shared and sustainable prosperity for all: a world beyond capitalism

Green Recovery Now hosts Tim Jackson to talk about his new book Post Growth and how we could emerge better from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Tim Jackson is a leading ecological economist whose work focuses on economic and social prosperity within the ecological boundaries of a finite planet. Since 2016 Tim has been Director of the Centre for the Understanding of Sustainable Prosperity (CUSP) and has worked with national and international governments for three decades to bring economic and social science research into work around sustainability. Tim’s latest book, Post Growth (Polity, 2021) is subtitled Life after Capitalism, and explores how we can move beyond our obsession with the ‘myth of growth’ to a world in which prosperity isn’t ‘measured in dollars and fulfilment isn’t driven by the relentless accumulation of material wealth.’

This event is hosted by Green Recovery Now, an Oxford University student-led movement with many of its members affiliated to Green Templeton. Working across five continents, they aim to use leading research to raise awareness amongst the public about country-specific and global green recovery plans, and to use this research and awareness to strengthen demands on national governments to pursue green recovery policies in this crucial year for climate action.