Ketamine & Related Compounds International Hybrid Conference.

Monday 4th - Wednesday 6th April 2022 (1pm Monday 4th - 5pm Wednesday 6th)

Join us online, or in Oxford, for the 2022 Ketamine and Related Compounds Conference from lunchtime on Monday 4th to Wednesday 6th April.

Many of the world’s leading researchers and clinicians will be discussing the latest research on the use of glutamate antagonists in psychiatry.

Some of the speakers who have confirmed that they will be attending in person are listed below. There will also be online presentations.

For details on pricing and how to register, or if you have data that you would like to present, please go to

We look forward to meeting you in Oxford or online!

PTSD treatment: a large RCT of ketamine in veterans [Chadi Abdallah (Baylor)]

Glutamate receptor subunits & next-generation antidepressants [Carlos Zarate (NIMH)]

Long term treatment with ketamine: real world evidence [Roger McIntyre (Toronto)]

ECT vs ketamine: results of a 1y RCT in resistant depression [Pouya Movahed Rad (Lund)]

Filling the half empty glass: ketamine & negative affective bias [Emma Robinson (Bristol)]

Postpartum depression: pilot RCT of ketamine post C-section [David Monks (WUSTL)]

Oral ketamine – controlled release: phase 2 dose finding RCT [Paul Glue (Otago)]

Extending the benefit with automated neurocognitive training [Rebecca Price (Pittsburgh)]

Oral ketamine 30mg thrice daily: results of RCT for depression [Robert Schoevers Groningen]

Long term follow-up in large ketamine infusion programme [Alison McInnes (Osmind)]

Subcutaneous delivery system for ketamine – preclinical data [Jeffrey Becker (Bexson)]

Pharmacology and toxicology of novel glutamate antagonists [Jason Wallach (Uni Sciences)]

How does ketamine affect the connectome? [Chadi Abdallah (Baylor)]

Anorexia: ketogenic diet then ketamine infusions: a case series [Lori Calabrese (Innov. Psych)]

Agitation in the ER: an RCT of ketamine vs midazolam [David Barbic (Vancouver)]

Kynurenine pathway and biomarkers of response to ketamine [Rod Machado-Vieira (Texas)]

R-ketamine: phase 1 results [Terry Kelly (Perception)]

Novel analogues of ketamine / DMT [Jonathan Sporn (Gilgamesh)]

Long-term efficacy data for esketamine [Dong Jing Fu (J&J)]

Pain & depression: ketamine in RCTs and in the real world [Gisèle Pickering (Clermont F)]

Metabolites & negative allosteric modulators of GABA-A [Poly Georgiou Uni Maryland]

Suicidal ideation remission: French RCT of 2 IV infusions [Fabrice Jollant (Montpellier)]

Depression subtypes – do they all respond similarly? [Joshua Rosenblatt (Toronto)]

13 lessons learned from two decades of ketamine research [(Gerard Sanacora (Yale)]