Workshop: What are the benefits and impact of consultancy to social scientists?

Status: This talk is in preparation - details may change

Oxford University Consulting (OUC)* are running a workshop specifically for the Social Sciences to give colleagues information on the University’s consulting policy and processes, introducing the support and benefits offered by OUC and giving examples of typical consulting assignments across disciplines. The session will also enable participants to explore ways of developing academic consultancy opportunities.

Consulting activity is one of the important means by which staff at the University of Oxford can make available their knowledge and expertise to a wide range of external organisations. Such activities in turn offer insights of value to research and teaching and can provide useful evidence for the impact of research. Consultancy can often result in further collaborations, knowledge exchange and research opportunities.

The course is Intended for any University academics and researchers, particularly from the Social Sciences Division, interested in undertaking consultancy. *This course is provided by specialist staff from Oxford University Consulting. Oxford University Consulting (OUC) was established by the University to support academics and researchers in identifying and managing consultancy opportunities.

Provide an introduction to academic consulting and to outline the support offered by OUC.

By the end of the two hour session, conducted over lunch, participants will have an:

  • Awareness of the benefits and impact of academic consultancy
  • Awareness of academic consulting policy & procedures at Oxford
  • Understanding of how OUC supports academic consulting activity
  • Awareness of typical academic consultancy assignments
  • An appreciation of what’s involved in developing consultancy opportunities