"How do I get hired outside of academia?!" Ask the Panel of Recruiters

What do recruiters and employers look for in an outstanding applicant? Whether a PhD is required for a role to bring technical expertise and knowledge, or whether research experience provides a unique benefit on your application, in both circumstances we need to make sure our applications communicate our value clearly to employers.

This in-person panel session will answer your questions to senior managers and recruiters about what they look for when hiring researchers applying for roles beyond academia, from networking approaches to CVs and interviews.

Our panellists include:

Dr Francis Woodhouse, Technical Director, Smith Institute: Smith Institute provides expert consultancy in data science, mathematics and AI. Working across all our industries, as a Technical Director I ensure we deliver the best possible solutions for our customer’s problems and keep abreast of the latest and greatest techniques and technologies. I read Mathematics as an undergraduate at Cambridge where I stayed for my PhD in mathematical biology and biophysics. I then spent six years in postdoctoral applied mathematics research including fellowships at Cambridge and Oxford. After deciding to move out of academia, I joined Smith Institute as a Mathematical Consultant five years ago where I have stayed since. I am a leader in technical recruitment at all stages of the process across our consulting and engineering roles.

Dr Charles Martinez, Academic Relations Manager, G-Research: Charles is dedicated to forming partnerships and collaborations between G-Research and the world’s top institutions. Charles also manages G-Research’s grants and PhD prizes. Charles meets 100’s of candidates every year and advises on the transition to industry and how to prepare for interviews. Charles completed an MPhys degree at the University Portsmouth, followed by a PhD in Phonon interactions in Gallium Nitride nanostructures at the University of Nottingham. Charles’ previous role was as Elsevier’s Key Account Manager in the UK, managing sales and renewals, including being one of the negotiators in the last UK Read and Publish agreement. Charles is based in Cambridge, UK.

Dr Emma Carrick-Smith, Consultant, d-fine: Emma completed a DPhil in Applied Mathematics in collaboration with industry partners before joining d-fine as a Consultant,

Further panellists will be added very soon