"Enterocin DD14; a leaderless bacteriocin: Regulation – Transport and applications”
In this presentation, I’ll share data generated on the transport of enterocin DD14 (EntDD14), which doesn’t seem to take place, via classical pathways, namely ABC transport systems. In addition, I will discuss the impact of polynucleotide phosphorylase (PNPase), a major 3’-5’ exoribonuclease, on EntDD14 production and on the global transcriptome of the producing bacterium, Enterococcus faecalis 14. Finally, I’ll briefly mention possible antiviral and antibacterial applications of this bacteriocin.
Date: 27 November 2023, 11:00 (Monday, 8th week, Michaelmas 2023)
Venue: Dorothy Crowfoot Hodgkin Building, off South Parks Road OX1 3QU
Venue Details: Phase2 Seminar Room 20-138
Speaker: Prof. Djamel Drider (Université de Lille)
Organising department: Department of Biochemistry
Organiser: Dr Jacob Palmer (University of Oxford)
Organiser contact email address: jacob.palmer@biology.ox.ac.uk
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Audience: Members of the University only
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