The Mathematics that can stop an AI apocalypse

The late Professor Stephen Hawking once said:
“The development of full artificial intelligence could spell the end of the human race.”
He also went on to state that he advocated research into precautionary measures to ensure future super-intelligent machines remain under human control. However, AI apocalypse is not necessarily robots marching down the street, there are a number of examples subtler than this. So, what is the risk of AI apocalypse and can we calculate this probability? Furthermore, could we come up with a strategy to minimise this probability. In this talk, we will consider the scenario of AI taking over the world economy and how we can use mathematical modelling to investigate this.
Nira will take you through a mathematical model of the complexities of human behaviour that caused the world economic crash. He’ll go on to show how the same model can be used to investigate how to minimise the probability of an artificial intelligence takeover.