Searching for a Place at the Table: What is The Role of the United Kingdom in the Development and Regulation of Artificial Intelligence?

The United Kingdom intends to position itself as a leader in the global Artificial Intelligence (AI) ecosystem, both in its innovation and development as well as its regulation. The government has released their proposal for “A Pro-Innovation Approach to AI Regulation”, intending to offer a middle-path between the prevailing “hands-off” approach to AI regulation in the USA and the stronger regulatory approach of the European Union. As a first step in centring the UK in the global AI regulatory ecosystem, the government has organized an “AI Safety Summit” to develop a shared understanding of how to manage emergent and potentially existential risks associated with new frontier AI developments. Though ambitious in scale, the summit has been besought with criticism with many doubting its potential for impact highlighting that other global AI regulatory initiatives have thus far fallen short.

Join us for a panel discussion on the role of the United Kingdom in the development and regulation of AI. The panel of experts will discuss topics such as how the UK’s proposals compare to other global attempts at AI regulation, the growth in interest in AI and existential risk, the role of China in the global regulation of AI, and what the UK could do to ensure it remains competitive in the AI industry.

Chaired by Dr Keegan McBride, panellists including Professor Helen Margetts, OII and Jennifer Beroshi, Google Deepmind.

This event is in person only at the HB Allen Centre, 25 Banbury Road, Oxford, OX2 6NN. Tea, coffee and pastries will be served in the Robin Geffen Cafeteria 09:00-09:20 followed by the discussion in the lecture theatre 09:20-11:00.