Wallace’s ARCs – identifying refugia for biodiversity under climate changes of 1.5° - 7°C

POSTPONED - please note that this seminar has been postponed due to speaker illness. A new date will be scheduled as soon as possible.

OCTF seminar followed by drinks – all welcome

Jeff Price is the coordinator of the Wallace Initiative (wallaceinitiative.org), a multi-institutional partnership examining the projected impacts of climate change on terrestrial biodiversity. To date, models have been developed on ~80,000 plants, birds, mammals, reptiles and amphibians. One of the goals is to provide guidance as to what areas may remain refugia (i.e., remain climatically suitable for >75% of the species modelled in the area). Analyses of these data have been used to help advise on potential climate impacts to reserves and protected areas in the United Kingdom, Amazon, Madagascar and globally for a variety of NGOs.

Successful sustainable long-term development in a dynamic, changing climate requires more proactive planning – taking into account food security, water security, energy security, ecosystem security and infrastructure security. Previously, Governments and Civil Society have largely been reactive. Changing the way groups work together, plan together and prepare together will be essential in a climate changed world.