War, Anti-Fascism and Transnational Justice

Adrian Pole (University of Chester)

“Making Antifascist War: The International Brigades and their Transnational Encounters with the Enemy in Civil-War Spain, 1936-1939”

Adrian Pole is a Lecturer in Modern History at the University of Chester. His research revolutionises our understanding of the International Brigades by placing the transnational fighting unit’s varied encounters with the people, places, politics and culture of civil-war Spain at the centre of its analysis, rather than treating them as secondary to the ‘main business’ of waging antifascist war. His article on the International Brigades and Spanish Children won honourary mention for the Contemporary European History Prize in 2022.

Lena Christophe (University of Vienna)

”Political and Transnational Solidarity and the International War Crimes Tribunal on Vietnam”

Lena Christophe is a doctoral researcher at the Institute for Contemporary History at the University of Vienna and part of the research group GLORE – “Global Resettlement Regimes: Ambivalent Lessons Learned from the Postwar (1945-1951).” In her dissertation project, she works on the resettlement of displaced persons to and from the Philippines in the immediate years after World War II. Before her PhD, Lena studied International Development (BA) and History (MA) at the University of Vienna and at Monash University, Melbourne. She received the Vienna Global History scholarship for her Masters thesis on “Anti-Imperialist Solidarity in the International War Crimes Tribunal on Vietnam.”In 2024 she will be a German Historical Institute, Washington D.C research fellow.