Intersecting Identities: Race and Queerness in South African Cinema

Race & Resistance is pleased to welcome Dr. Gibson Ncube as our final speaker for our 2023/24 events programme. Dr. Ncube is currently an AfOx TORCH Visiting Fellow at Oxford. The session will be focusing on questions of race and queerness in South African films, as Dr. Ncube will be speaking to us about a chapter from his last book, Queer Bodies in African Films. After this, the session will open to a Q&A, so come prepared with some questions. The facilitator for this session is one of our students, Mwangi Mwaura (he/him).

Biography: Gibson Ncube (he/him) holds a PhD from Stellenbosch University and currently lectures at the same university. He has published extensively in the fields of comparative African literature, gender and queer studies as well as cultural studies. He has held several fellowships supported by institutions like the American Council for Learned Societies, the Stellenbosch Institute for Advanced Study, the National Humanities Center (USA) and Leeds University. He sits on the boards of the Journal of Literary Studies, Imbizo: International Journal of African Literary and Comparative Studies, the Canadian Journal of African Studies, the Nordic Journal of African Studies as well as the Governing Intimacies in the Global South book series at Manchester University Press. He co-convened the Queer African Studies Association (coordinate organisation of the African Studies Association, USA) and was the 2021 Mary Kingsley Zochonis Distinguished Lecturer (African Studies Association UK & Royal African Society).
Twitter: race_resistance
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