Evolution of Regime Complex in Global Governance: A Chinese Perspective on Human Genetic Information

Presentation in Mandarin; bilingual Q&As

Regime Complex for human genetic data has become an increasingly important issue. This study will explore the evolution of the regime complex for human genetic data in relation to global governance in the past half-century. Given that existing theories fail to explain the pattern of such evolution, a multi-actor analysis framework is applied in this study. It is argued that interactions between agencies outside the regime complex, and a combination of the power of the individuals involved and the agenda of the governing institutions help shape the evolution of regime complex. This presentation will also discuss the new challenges for the emerging global governance of genetic resources and explore innovative strategies to address such challenges.

Hanzhi Yu is a tenured Associate Professor at the School of Public Affairs of Zhejiang University and a Senior Fellow at the Centre for International Governance Innovation (CIGI).