Has International Joint University Lived Up to Its Promises?

This talk will explore the constructed internationalisation at an international joint university in China. I will triangulate three aspects of one particular case university: website construction, and perspectives from Chinese academic staff and students. In this talk, I intend to correspond between institutional and personal perspectives on the way they make use of and make the best out of internationalization as a concept. As a liminal space, an international joint university has provided spaces for internationalised elements and encounters to be actualized; however, the case university and its stakeholders have a few discrepancies in terms of how they consider internationalization could be beneficial. This study is situated in the background that an international joint university is established on the premise of an equal partnership, with room for co-constructing internationalisation with students and teachers. However, with the prescribed and lived internationalisation at odds, has the international joint university lived up to its promises?