Australia’s climate change policies (or lack of them)

The Australian government announced its 2017 review of Australia’s climate change policies in December
“The review will take stock of Australia’s progress in reducing emissions, and ensure the Government’s policies remain effective in achieving Australia’s 2030 target and Paris Agreement commitments.”

David Karoly will discuss this review in the context of Australia’s many changes in climate policies over the last decade, its Paris commitments, the impacts of climate change in Australia, and the influences of fossil fuel industries and the media on public discussions of climate change.

David Karoly is one of Australia’s leading climate scientists. He is also the only climate scientist who is a member of Australia’s Climate Change Authority (CCA), which was set up in 2012 to provide advice to the government on climate change policies. In 2016, the CCA released its Special Review on Australia’s climate goals and policies. In response to this, David Karoly and Clive Hamilton published their own minority report.