21st Century Translational Dementia Research Conference

The University of Oxford will be hosting the 21st Century Translational Dementia Research Conference which aims to link up experts from academia, non-profit organisations and industry to explore the current challenges in Translational Dementia Research. Topics include: experimental medicine, human based translational research, clinical trial recruitment, adaptive clinical trial design, linking UK infrastructure, big data and multi-omics approaches, patient and cohort analysis, genomics, clinical phenotypes, biomarkers and disease progression. The overall objective is to forge collaborations that can increase capacity and capability through partnership to deliver paradigm changes in translational dementia research.

The event includes industry led workshops, roundtable discussions with academic and industry experts and a series of plenary talks by –
Prof Sir Martin Landray (University of Oxford), Prof Charlotte Teunissen ( Amsterdam University Medical Centre, The Netherlands), Prof John Gallacher (University of Oxford), Prof Cecilia Lindgren (University of Oxford), Prof Sir Rory Collins (University of Oxford) and Prof Julie Williams (Director UK Dementia Research Institute – Cardiff)

Registration for Oxford researchers is now open. Please follow the link to register: www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/21st-century-translational-dementia-research-conference-registration-257094766367

Registration for the industry workshop will open on 18th April. More information can be found here: aimday.se/21st-century-translational-dementia-research-oxford-2022

For more details, please contact: betina.nair@medsci.ox.ac.uk