Threats and Opportunities for Journalism in the Age of AI

Journalists play an essential role in society, bringing truth to the public’s attention, exposing lies, and holding those in power accountable. How journalists are able to do this, in today’s networked society, is transforming.
Join us for a discussion with Ann-Katrin Mueller and Roman Hoefner from Der Spiegel to hear about how new advancements in technology and particularly AI are giving rise to a new set of challenges for journalism. By presenting real-world examples of elaborate networks of fake profiles and case studies, this talk will explore the different ways in which fake news campaigns are leading to mistrust in democracy and the media, the current failings of the public sector and private sector platforms, and, additionally, discuss potential ways to fight back – for citizens, journalists, and the public sector alike.
The event will be moderated by Dr. Keegan McBride from the Oxford Internet Institute