Crossing Boundaries 2 – Health Research Relevant to LMIC Across Oxford’s Disciplines and Divisions

This Conference aims to showcase the diversity and quality of Health Research being undertaken in or relevant to improving health in Low and Middle Income Countries’ that is linked to Oxford; to illustrate the range of disciplines engaged in supporting the development of LMIC health systems and to promote multi- disciplinary collaborations; to showcase Oxford’s DPhil Research in Global Health.
Sessions will be delivered by experts from: The Nuffield Department of Medicine; The Department of Education; The Institute of Biomedical Engineering; The Department of Primary Health Care; The Ethox Centre; The Department of Clinical Healthcare Brookes University; The Department of Social Policy and Intervention.
Current or recently graduated DPhil students are encouraged to submit abstracts for combined rapid oral & poster presentation with a special session devoted to this during the meeting. Prizes wlll be awarded for the best student presentation & project.