Great Power Competition and Disinformation in Africa

Overview: Disinformation in Africa is a growing concern, with Russian disinformation promoting anti-Western sentiment and contributing to a series of coups that have toppled democratically elected governments in recent years. Meanwhile, China is increasingly active in spreading disinformation in the region. The challenge is compounded by recent advancements in AI, which serve to amplify the impact of disinformation. Caroline Baylon will present her research on the disinformation landscape in Africa, including her recent work for the French government and ECOWAS in West Africa.

Speaker Bio: Caroline Baylon has a background in cybersecurity and AI, international security, and foresight. She runs the All-Party Parliamentary Group for Future Generations in the UK Parliament, which focuses on mitigating global catastrophic risks and the need for greater long-term thinking to do so. She recently served as an expert for the French government for a project aimed at improving cybersecurity and countering disinformation in West Africa carried out in partnership with ECOWAS (Economic Community of West African States). Caroline has also conducted research for the UK Foreign, Commonwealth, and Development Office (FCDO) on fostering internet development and countering cybercrime in Ghana. She has been a research associate with the Emerging Threats Group at Oxford University since spring 2023.

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