Environment, Health and India

deadline to register is 17th October

At this meeting, we plan to bring together researchers interested in exploring potential collaborative, interdisciplinary research opportunities integrating Environment, Health and India. This meeting will enable discussions about participants’ current research and potential opportunities for collectively addressing the intersection of their research areas with health (India focused). At the end of the meeting, we hope to have facilitated the formation of multi-disciplinary team/s of researchers who might further the discussions, leading to potential collaborative funding applications.

In the backdrop of India ratifying the Paris Agreement on climate change, and the prominence with which the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) were discussed during the recent UN General Assembly in New York, we feel that it is timely for us to facilitate this meeting along with the OICSD. We look forward to bringing together those with interests in health, environment, gender issues, food and nutrition, air and water quality, climate change etc.