Workshop: War, Peace and world order in the "Long" 20th Century: Challenges and Perspectives

This is to invite you to an informal workshop to discuss and critique the conceptual framework of the “long” 20th century (ca. 1860–2022) proposed in Patrick O Cohrs’ recent book The New Atlantic Order. The Transformation of International Politics, 1860–1933 (Cambridge, 2022).

Following an introduction of the “long” 20th century interpretation, we aim to talk about its relevance for the study of global history and international relations. The debate will focus on how far this approach can indeed serve to open up new perspectives – on the overall transformation of the international order; on war, peace, security and reconstruction; on learning processes; on transnational movements and developments; on global, regional and national histories; on empires, imperialism and decolonisation; on changes in dominant ideas and ideologies – or any other aspects that the participants wish to discuss.