‘“I cannot go on, yea, but I must never go back”: Zachary Crofton, the Restoration Church of England and the Dilemmas of Early Nonconformity, 1662–1665’

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Suggested preparatory reading:
John Ramsbottom, ‘Presbyterians and “Partial Conformity” in the Restoration Church of England’, Journal of Ecclesiastical History, 43:2 (1992), 249–70; Michael Winship, ‘Defining Puritanism in Restoration England: Richard Baxter and others respond to A Friendly Debate’, The Historical Journal, 54:3 (2011), 689–715; George Southcombe, ‘Presbyterians in the Restoration’ in The Oxford History of Protestant Dissenting Traditions, Volume I: The Post-Reformation Era, 1559-1689, ed. J. Coffey (2020), 73–87