The ‘irregularity assemblage’: a theoretical and practical framework to understand the conditions of irregular migrants in Europe

Online only.

The webinar will offer an introduction to the Horizon Europe I-CLAIM study that investigates the living and working conditions of irregular migrants in six European countries. I-CLAIM’s goal is to uncover the spectrum and drivers of migrants’ irregular status, as well as the impact it has on migrant families, through an intersectional and intergenerational lens. The project combines the need to advance scientific knowledge and theorisation on the production of irregularity with the urgency to contribute to policy and public debates to improve the lives of undocumented migrant households in Europe. Notably, it introduces the concept of “irregularity assemblages” to capture how the interplay of immigration and asylum laws, policies and practices, broader labour market and welfare regimes, and dominant public narratives and perceptions produce irregularity.