Green Recovery Now Launch Event: Is a Green Recovery Inherently Fair?

Green Recovery Now is an Oxford University student-led movement. Working across five continents, we aim to use leading research to raise awareness amongst the public about country-specific and global green recovery plans, and to use this research and awareness to strengthen demands on national governments to pursue green recovery policies in this crucial year for climate action. For more information, visit our website:

With our first talk we want to foster a debate on the two key aspects of the recovery from Covid-19 we are advocating for, namely environmental sustainability and fairness. Through their latest work, our guest speakers will discuss the relationship of environmental sustainability and fairness within economic recovery policy.

Dr Lisa Schipper is an Environmental Social Science Research Fellow at the Environmental Change Institute. Her research focuses on the drivers of social vulnerability to climate change and natural hazards in developing countries, and the role that adaptation can play in reducing that vulnerability. Lisa’s three focus areas are : (1) understanding the linkages between adaptation to climate change and development; (2) socio-cultural drivers of vulnerability to climate change and natural hazards (particularly religion and gender); and (3) migration and climate change.

Dr Ryan Rafaty is a political scientist by training, whose ongoing research investigates the design, sequencing, and comparative performance of climate change mitigation policies under varied political and economic regimes. Ryan is a Postdoctoral Researcher at Climate Econometrics, based at Nuffield College, Oxford, where he contributes to policy-focused knowledge exchange between climatology, econometrics, and political science. He has a doctorate from the Department of Politics at University of Cambridge, and is a Fellow at the Cambridge Centre for Environment, Energy and Natural Resource Governance.

The talk will be hosted and recorded through Zoom.
Attendees will be emailed the Zoom link and password.

The speakers will give a short presentation, followed by a discussion with the event organisers and attendees will have the opportunity to ask questions through the chat function.

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