Day 2 - HSMT Postgraduate Conference 2024: A Night at the Museum

Friday 7 June 09:45-13:30


09:45-10:00 Registration

10:00-10:15 Opening Remarks: Dr Hohee Cho

10:15-11:35 Panel 4: Uncomfortable Collections (Colonialism) Chair: Philippa Monk

  • Yiming Gao, Epidemics in the international settlement of Shanghai (1900-1945): evaluating the public health intervention of the Shanghai Municipal Council and the factors that shaped their response
  • Rutuja Rokade, Marginalised bodies, disease outbreaks and colonial intervention in British India during the long nineteenth century
  • Marielle Masolo, Medicine and miracle: Kimbangu and prophetic healing in the Belgian Congo, 1918-1930

11:35-11:55 Break

11:55-13:15 Panel 5: Cataloguing Office (Definitions) Chair: Joseph Foster

  • Alexandra Goh McMillen, A (botanic) garden of forking paths: diverging approaches to botany in 17th-century England, with chamomile as a case study
  • Philippa Monk, Inventing a global disease: finding and treating yaws in Greater India, 1860-1960
  • Molly Wilson, Reassessing Rosenhan: pseudo-patients and schizophrenia diagnosis

13:15-13:30 Closing Remarks: Dr Sloan Mahone