The first revision of the global MPI: Empirical insights and robustness

The global Multidimensional Poverty Index (MPI), published since 2010 by OPHI and the UNDP, is a measure that captures acute multidimensional poverty experienced by people in the developing regions of the world. The seminar will present the latest results of the global MPI and explain its methodological underpinning in an accessible manner for a wide audience.

In 2018, five of the ten indicators were revised with the purpose of aligning the index to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The seminar will also present research around the following questions: i) How robust is the revised structure to changes in some the fundamental parameters?, and ii) What are the empirical consequences of the revision for the way we understand poverty in light of the global MPI?

Speaker’s bio:

Ricardo Nogales is a Research Officer at OPHI. He holds a PhD and an MSc in Econometrics from the University of Geneva. He currently conducts academic research on quantitative methods for measuring and analysing poverty and human development. He also provides technical advice on multidimensional poverty measurement based on the Alkire and Foster method to Government offices in Africa, South Asia and Latin America & the Caribbean. He has conducted research on poverty and human development with UNDP, Oxfam, UNRISD, the IDB and IDRC.