Humanities has Data! Whatever Next!?

Research data management is becoming increasingly important in research, both to ensure funder compliance, but also as part of best practice for research; with the potential to increase reach, impact and, for open data, re-use. But ‘data’ in the Humanities may be difficult to define. This panel discussion will delve into research data in various discipline-specific contexts, looking at how research data are defined and how to manage research data effectively.

What you will need:

You will need to provide your own computer, ideally with the Microsoft Teams desktop app installed, otherwise with a browser (must be Chrome or Edge). Guidance notes for using Teams will be emailed to you when you book. You will need a speaker and microphone for listening and speaking. You need to be online with a reliable internet connection.

Notice of recording:

Each live online training session will be recorded for accessibility and inclusivity reasons and will be shared with all attendees after the session. It may also be put onto Canvas (Oxford University’s virtual learning environment) to enable other Oxford University members with SSO to view it.