Blavatnik Book Talks: The Christian Right in Europe: Movements, Networks, and Denominations

What is the relationship between anti-democratic voices on the far-right and in pockets of European Christianity? The Alfred Landecker Programme is pleased to host the presentation of the ground-breaking book The Christian Right in Europe: Movements, Networks, and Denominations, edited by Gionathan Lo Mascolo. From LGBTQIA+ rights to abortion, traditionalism, and anti-Islamic sentiments, the book showcases the interwoven narratives and networks in over twenty European countries, providing a transnational perspective on the rise of the Christian Right in Europe.

Speakers will comment on the main findings of the book and discuss the (geo)political implications with reference to democratic backsliding in and beyond Europe, the Russo-Ukrainian war, and the next presidential elections in the USA. This event is co-hosted with the Centre for Theology and Public Issues (University of Edinburgh).