Digital Education Strategy workshop and lunch

Are you happy with WebLearn? Do you have the technologies you need for your teaching? Come along to our ‘DESign’ buffet lunch to have your say.

Recognising the significance of the impact of technology on teaching and learning, the University has developed a Digital Education Strategy whose goal is “to ensure that in 2020 Oxford remains a premier institution for teaching, adopting the very best of teaching innovations that are made possible by digital technology”. Education Committee will be seeking responses to the strategy from divisions over the coming months. In parallel, IT Services is conducting a review of the University’s Virtual Learning Environment (VLE), in order to evaluate how well WebLearn and other leading VLEs are meeting the changing needs of Oxford’s staff and students.

The outcomes of these exercises will be used by Education IT Board and Academic IT (IT Services) to decide on the systems and support available to staff and students over the coming five years. To ensure that MSD’s views are fully represented in these decisions, we are holding a workshop which will both inform you for upcoming committee/departmental discussions, and enable you to share your ideas directly with decision-makers.

Staff and students from across the Medical Sciences Division with an interest in teaching and learning are invited to:

Learn more about the Digital Education Strategy and VLE review
Share some of the innovative approaches to teaching that are already in use across the University and elsewhere
Generate, discuss and prioritise technology needs over the coming five years.
…and enjoy an informal buffet lunch