Managing Depression and Low Mood (online via Zoom)

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This third talk in the series, on the topic of Managing Low Mood and Depression, will be presented by Willem Kuyken, the Sir John Ritblat Family Foundation Professor of Mindfulness and Psychological Science. A Q&A panel discussion will follow, chaired by Catharine Creswell (Professor of Developmental Clinical Psychology), and include:
Willem Kuyken
Catherine Harmer (Professor of Cognitive Neuroscience)
Andrea Cipriani (Professor of Psychiatry)

Sadness and low mood are normal parts of human experience. But what happens when they become more pervasive and disabling? What is depression, and what happens when depression becomes crippling and recurrent? We know a lot about low mood and depression and how to help using psychological, pharmacological and social approaches.

In this talk you’ll learn more about depression, address stigma and explore strategies for working with depression and supporting others with depression. Finally, there will be a brief summary of available evidence-based treatments and how to access these treatments.