Naval competition in the Red Sea and Broader Middle East

Lt Cdr Ward will be discussing the anomalies of increased superpower naval presence in the Red Sea, without (so far) increased naval competition.  Building on his work on the mirroring fallacy vis-à-vis the Soviet Navy and the West, he will explore whether there is only one way to do naval strategy.  What do recent operations in the Red Sea tell us about how naval warfare is changing and the role of navies in state-on-state competition?

Andrew Ward is the 2023-24 Royal Navy Hudson Fellow and a Visiting Fellow at CCW. Andrew joined the Royal Navy in 2012, serving at sea in destroyers HMS DRAGON and DUNCAN in the Middle East. Recently he has been working in international policy at the Ministry of Defence and Northwood Headquarters. He read Philosophy, Politics and Economics at University College, was a visiting student at Washington & Lee University and completed an MA in Defence and Security Studies (Maritime) at King’s College London in 2021. His paper on the Royal Navy and the Early Cold War was published in January 2022.

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