Taking the next step in your translational journey

The Translational Research Office (TRO) is hosting a webinar on the 7th of June 2021 to support researchers taking the next step in their translational journey. The webinar is designed for researchers who have already received internal translational funding, however, we would welcome anyone interested in translational research to attend.

The webinar will provide awardees with an opportunity learn about the translational research landscape in the UK, and how to successfully progress translational research into research impact. The webinar will feature: a keynote presentation from the MSD Entrepreneur in Residence Dr Nessa Carey and an overview of the translational funding opportunities available to progress your project. Research teams will be able to book 1:1 meetings after the webinar to discuss individual queries or project ideas.

12:00 Welcome, The Translational Research Office
12:05 Your MLSTF outcomes: what’s your decision and what – if anything – should you do next? Dr Nessa Carey, Royal Society Entrepreneur in Residence at the University of Oxford
12: 30 Grow your translational research project to the next phase – An overview of the translational research landscape in the UK, The Translational Research Office, University of Oxford
12:40 Translational funding opportunities at the Medical Research Council, Dr Adam Babbs, MRC Translation team
12:50 Q&A
W/C 7th June 1:1 meetings (on demand)

For further information, please contact the TRO at translationalresearchoffice@medsci.ox.ac.uk