Clearing our thinking about water and health

In this seminar Prof Jamie Bartram will explore (and debunk) a number of widely held (yet unquestioned) beliefs in the field of water and health.

About the speaker

Prof Jamie Bartram is Director of the Water Institute at Gillings School of Global Public Health, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. He works at the interfaces of water (including sanitation and hygiene) and health – especially the links between science, policy and practice, in both developing and developed countries. His interests include technologies for urban sanitation renewal; management systems for drinking-water safety and rural drinking-water supply; emerging issues (including water scarcity and climate change) and their impacts on system sustainability; health system activities on water and sanitation; and sector capacity issues such as monitoring, the costs and impacts of interventions and effective regulation and financing. Dr Bartram is author of more than 80 academic papers; author or editor of 49 books and author of more than 50 book chapters