The Resistance War in the Diary of Huang Tirun (1933‒1939) (ONLINE ONLY)

Mandarin presentation; English PPT, bilingual Q&As

Huang Tirun was one of the Kuomintang governmental and military leaders in Feng County during the Republican period. His diary mainly describes his activities in Feng County from 1933 to 1939, involving his personal life, family and friends, work and reading notes. It reflects the changes happening in Feng County during this historical period, especially the war, natural disasters, water conservancy, and so on.

Haonan Xiang studied in the Department of Philosophy (Department of Religious Studies) and the Department of History at the Peking University from 2011 to 2015 and obtained a bachelor’s degree in philosophy and a bachelor’s degree in history. In 2021 he received his PhD in History from Peking University. He is currently a lecturer at the School of History and Culture, Minzu University of China.