Inspiring Innovation: Bringing Academia and Industry at The Royal Society

We are very happy and excited to welcome Dr Katy Gearing and Dr Alasdair Taylor of the Royal Society to Oxford and the SIU. Katy and Alasdair are doing great work in the area of science innovation and entrepreneurship, and will be running a focus group with a small group of students (see below for details) and giving a talk that is open for all SIU members to attend.

The Royal Society’s Science, Industry and Translation programme aims to reinvigorate the links between the Society and industry, and promote the importance of translating research into new products, processes and companies with societal and economic impacts. In this talk, Katy and Alasdair will describe some of the Society’s current work and the insights it has given them into technology transfer, entrepreneurship, emerging technologies and science careers in industry and academia. Looking back at their own experiences, they will also share with us the opportunities and challenges around university-business collaboration and technology transfer.