Meditation and Abhidhamma

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This talk examines how Abhidhamma supports and explains meditation practice in the Burmese Pa Auk tradition.

About Ven. Tikkhañāṇa:
Ordained in 2015 under the esteemed preceptor Pa Auk Sayadaw, Ven. Tikkhañāna has dedicated his life to the diligent practice of meditation. Guided by Pa-Auk Sayadaw and Kumarabhivamsa Sayadaw, he refined his meditative skills across various branches of the Pa-Auk Meditation Center in Burma. In 2018, Ven. Tikkhañāṇa pursued an MA in Buddhist Studies at the University of South Wales, where his dissertation explored the intricate relationship between human materiality, mentality, and contemporary science.
Beginning in his third vassa (Buddhist rainy season retreat) in 2018, Ven. Tikkhañāṇa started sharing his meditation experiences. During the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, he returned to Vietnam and founded Santisukhavihara, a center dedicated to preserving the ancient values of Pariyatti (study) and Patipatti (practice). Residents there study the scriptures in the Burmese tradition and practice meditation based on the Abhidhamma.
Ven. Tikkhañāṇa has guided over 500 practitioners from various countries, conducted more than 20 meditation retreats, delivered over 200 Dhamma talks, written about 40 books about Theravāda Buddhism, leading many of his disciples to significant levels of attainment and bliss.
Fluent in multiple languages, Ven. Tikkhañānṇa adeptly teaches meditation to people in their native tongues. He is currently pursuing a PhD in Buddhist Philosophy at ELTE University in Hungary and is translating the third volume of the Paṭṭhāna into English. His research delves deeply into the Abhidhamma and meditation, reflecting his profound commitment to Buddhist studies and practice.