Transmediating Traditions in China and Beyond

With a focus on visual culture, the workshop highlights the process of transmediation (moving from one form to another) in order to foster engagements with cultural production that are especially attentive to the dialectic between formal constraints and creative intervention. How much of form can be carried across media, and what might transmediation suggest about the dis/continuity of ‘tradition’? Our geographic/cultural focus is ‘China and beyond’. This is a deliberately fuzzy space, which aims at maximum inclusiveness. Many things – funding for this workshop, for example – hinge on aligning one’s research with existing disciplinary boundaries. Our view is that one can accept this reality without taking the boundaries all that seriously. Inhabiting the middle ranges of agency ourselves, we would like to honour one of the chief aims of critique – opening up boundaries – while acknowledging the existing institutional limits which constrict just how far and in what direction they can be opened. In addition, a focus on ‘China’ allows for the net to be cast more widely in other areas: any kind of visual artwork, any direction of transmediation, any time period. The workshop will touch on the following forms and more: avant-garde cyber poetry, calligraphy, clothes, digitised opera, film, gardens, picture books, video-tapes.