Combining qualitative and small-n methodologies in impact evaluation designs: theoretical aspects and lessons from experience - Methods in Social Policy and Intervention Research

This is a hybrid event

This addresses the application of small-n methodologies, mostly Qualitative Comparative Analysis (QCA) and Process Tracing, in policy and programme evaluation. It will provide an overview of possible methodological options and suggest criteria for appropriate choice (e.g. evaluation questions) and combination of options. More specifically, it will address the benefits brought by QCA and Process Tracing, and their variants. as well as their challenges and limitations.

Barbara Befani has 20+ years of experience in developing, testing, and teaching evaluation methodologies. In the last 13 years she has focused on innovative methods for qualitative impact evaluation, between academia and the evaluation market, both domestic and international. She has been Secretary General of the European Evaluation Society.

Booking is required for people outside of the Department of Social Policy and Intervention (DSPI). The registration form will be available soon. DSPI members do not need to register